Banana OG Strain

Banana OG Strain Overview


  • Parent Strains: OG Kush x Banana


  • Indica-dominant hybrid (60% Indica / 40% Sativa)

Cannabinoid Content:

  • THC: 27%
  • CBD: 1%

Aroma and Flavor:

  • Aroma: Sweet, ripe bananas, tropical fruit, earthy undertones
  • Flavor: Creamy banana, tropical fruit, subtle spice


  • Feelings: Relaxed, euphoric, sleepy, uplifting
  • Negatives: Dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, paranoia
  • Medical Benefits: Stress relief, pain management, insomnia, anxiety, depression


  • Buds: Dense, light green with yellow hues, coated in amber trichomes

Detailed Description

Genetic Lineage and Breeding: Banana OG is a popular indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing the legendary OG Kush with a Banana strain. This hybrid is well-regarded for its potent effects and delightful aroma, making it a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts and medical patients alike. The strain's balanced genetics ensure a mix of relaxing body effects and uplifting cerebral stimulation.

Aroma and Flavor Profile: Banana OG boasts a rich and inviting aroma, dominated by sweet, ripe bananas and tropical fruit notes. Earthy undertones provide depth to the scent, making it a complex and enjoyable experience. The flavor mirrors the aroma, offering a creamy banana taste with hints of tropical fruit and a subtle spice that lingers on the palate.

Effects and Benefits: Banana OG is known for its powerful and long-lasting effects. The high begins with a gentle cerebral uplift that induces euphoria and a sense of happiness. As the high progresses, a deep physical relaxation takes over, often leading to sedation. This combination of effects makes this strain an excellent choice for evening use or for winding down after a long day. Users report feeling relaxed, euphoric, and uplifted, making it ideal for social situations or quiet introspection.

Medical Uses: The high THC level (23-27%) and low CBD content (0-1%) make Banana OG particularly effective for medical marijuana patients. It is commonly used to alleviate symptoms of chronic stress, pain, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. The strain's ability to induce both mental and physical relaxation provides comprehensive relief for a variety of conditions, making it a versatile option for therapeutic use.

Adverse Effects: Like many potent strains, Banana OG can cause some side effects, particularly when consumed in large quantities. Common adverse effects include dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, and occasional paranoia. It is advisable for new users to start with a lower dose to gauge their tolerance.

Cultivation Notes: Banana OG produces dense, light green buds with yellow hues, covered in amber trichomes. The strain is moderately difficult to grow and requires some experience to achieve optimal results. It thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments, with a flowering time of around 8-9 weeks. Growers can expect a moderate yield with proper care and attention to growing conditions.

Conclusion: Banana OG is a standout strain in the cannabis world, offering a perfect blend of potent effects and delicious flavors. Its creamy banana and tropical fruit aroma and flavor profile make it a treat for the senses, while its balanced effects provide relaxation and euphoria. Whether for recreational use or medical relief, this strain delivers a reliable and enjoyable experience, making it a top choice for many cannabis consumers.

For those interested in growing Banana OG, it is available in various forms including flower, pre-rolls, oil, and vape products. The strain's popularity ensures it is widely available for purchase online and at dispensaries, often at competitive prices per gram. With its impressive potency and versatile effects, Banana OG remains a sought-after strain in the cannabis community.

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