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“Sasquatch Sunset”: A Unique Blend of Cinema and Cannabis by Cookies

May 8, 2024 | Cannabis, Product Reviews and Releases

Cookies is making waves again, this time with a cinematic twist! In a unique collaboration with the absurdist dark comedy Sasquatch Sunset, directed by David and Nathan Zellner, Cookies has launched a limited edition cannabis cultivar named after the film. As the movie hits theaters nationwide, cannabis enthusiasts can experience a taste of the film’s quirky charm with this exclusive strain.


The Strain: Sasquatch Sunset


The newly introduced strain, Sasquatch Sunset (LCG x Sunset Sherbert), offers a unique flavor profile with an earthy sweet aroma that promises to delight the senses. This super small batch flower is specially packaged in designs inspired by the movie poster, enhancing the overall user experience by merging visual arts and flavor. The strain is available exclusively in Cookies’ California stores.


The Film: Sasquatch Sunset


Sasquatch Sunset stars notable actors Riley Keough and Jesse Eisenberg, and follows a family of Sasquatches navigating the challenges of life in the misty forests of North America. The film’s wide release on April 19 allows movie-goers and cannabis enthusiasts alike to immerse themselves in this imaginative narrative, blending the worlds of film and cannabis cultivation.


Where to Find the Strain


For those eager to try this limited edition strain, it is available at select Cookies and Lemonnade locations throughout California:

  • Cookies Locations:
    • Melrose
    • Fresno
    • Hayward
    • Modesto
    • Redding
    • Sacramento
  • Lemonnade Locations:
    • Antioch
    • Sacramento
    • South Sacramento
    • Union City

Cookies continues to innovate not just in cannabis cultivation but also in how they engage with popular culture, bringing unique experiences to their customers. The launch of Sasquatch Sunset is a testament to their creative vision, offering a product that not only stands out due to its quality and flavor but also through its integration with contemporary cinema.